Reading Between the Lines

Engaging in office politics is a surefire way to be seen, heard and respected. As we’re beginning to see throughout this series of blogs on The Secret Handshake: Mastering The Politics of The Business Inner Circle by Dr. Kathleen Reardon, one does not need to be born a political genius to partake in their company’s political happenings. In last week’s post, we examined how to start forming relationships the politically savvy way, which is one of the first steps on the road to becoming a ... Continue Reading

Corporate Class Inc. At The Annual HRPA Conference

Corporate Class Inc., internationally recognized as the universal gold standard for Executive Presence System Training, is extraordinarily pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s HRPA Annual Conference, held in Toronto. The HRPA’s Annual Conference and Tradeshow is Canada’s largest human resources conference, attracting thousands of business and human resources professionals from around the world. The excitement starts at booth #516! That’s where you’ll find the team ... Continue Reading

Why Knowing Your Company’s Corporate Culture is Essential to Success

There is much more required to have a successful career than simply the hard skills the job necessitates. Yes, these skills are instrumental in you landing your dream job, and are certainly part of the reason why you may be promoted, however there is so much more than just the hard skills when it comes to promotions, and also terminations. So what is corporate culture, and why does it matter so much? According to, corporate culture is “a blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, ... Continue Reading

5 Basic Tasks Many People Ignore, But That Are Essential to Success

Today’s professional environment, whether entrepreneurial or not, requires a different energy than it did 50 years ago. We spend the better part of our days in front of screens, answering emails, texts, spending time on the Internet; we have become intertwined with this technology and it’s impossible to escape it, especially in the professional world. Because of this, we are essentially always at others’ beck and call. Whether we like it or not, we are always “working” because of it. Having a ... Continue Reading

The Peril’s of Fast Fashion

Last week, we discussed the benefits of shopping at consignment stores, one of which is that it is a very “green” was of shopping. This week we will look at fast fashion; what it is, its implications and how to (mostly) avoid it. Fast fashion is a term that is making its way into our colloquial vocabulary due to disasters like Rana Plaza and Nike’s scandal involving the use of child labour. For those who aren’t aware of the Rana Plaza disaster, it occurred in 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. ... Continue Reading

Consignment Stores: Diamonds in the Rough

Appearance, as we’ve discussed, is one of the pillars of executive presence; we say that it is the least important pillar, but, it is your price of entry. Part of dressing professionally and appropriately often involves owning good-quality garments that fit you correctly and will hopefully last at least a few seasons. We do understand that often it can be hard to own a wardrobe full of suits from Armani or separates from Holt Renfrew, however there is a way around buying great-quality, ... Continue Reading

The Cognitive Power of Professional Clothing

If someone were to tell you that the blazer you wore today had a significant effect on how you went about your day, what you accomplished, and how others treated you would you believe them? Chances are you would be skeptical at best. However, recent research (as recent as a few months ago) has proven that wearing formal clothing has an impact on people’s cognitive behaviours. Research conducted by Michael Slepian, Simon Ferber, Joshua Gold and Abraham Rutchick, entitled “The Cognitive ... Continue Reading

Self-Knowing and Authenticity

Alas! We have finally reached the last blog post on Leadership Presence – self-knowing and authenticity. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discovered what leadership presence means, what it can do for you, and how to attain it. Last week we began to dissect the final piece of the puzzle in the quest to obtaining leadership presence: self-knowing. This week, we continue with this theme but discuss it in terms of authenticity. What is authenticity? Well, at its most basic level, it means to be ... Continue Reading

How to Nail Your Next Skype Call

There is no question that technology has integrated itself so seamlessly in the world of business that almost no business transaction can be completed without its use. The need to keep up with the world of technology has never been so pronounced, especially when it comes to your career.   A relatively recent technology that has proven extremely valuable in the world of business is Skype. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a software application that allows two people who have ... Continue Reading

Transitioning from Winter Wardrobe to Spring Styles

Winter has persisted for many months – which means that winter apparel has dominated our wardrobes for longer than we might like to admit. With the arrival of spring, it is time to start switching out that winter wardrobe for spring styles. Of course, here in Toronto the chilly weather will continue to persist for several more weeks. With the slow transition from winter to spring in mind, here are a few tips to saluting spring while still preparing for cooler ... Continue Reading