How to Become a Corporate Star – and shine throughout your career!

2 QUANTUM LEAP IN HUMAN INTERACTION 1What makes one person shine and another blend in with the décor? It’s something called star quality: and those who have it shine and sparkle in the corporate world. Think you don’t have what it takes to be a star? Of course you do – in business, star quality can and should be learned. In our training and seminars we teach our clients how to shine; below you’ll find a few highlights from our training material on star qualities and methods to achieve them. Let these help you start building your own star quality!

Stars take initiative that matters in their own career and in their companies’ critical paths – and understand how to unite the two. They can understand what can support a corporate mission and vision, and can align their own personal interests and initiatives with it.

No matter where you are in your career, have a career plan. Where do you want to go next? Or, if you are happy within your current company and position, how can you grow within this role?

Self-Management and Stability
Stars understand the importance of balance at work – and a work-life balance. They are able to look ahead in both aspects of life to account for unexpected hurdles.

Make sure you are always one step ahead: know your upcoming priorities and have a plan to achieve them, including resource, time, and energy allocation. This way, you will be ready to tackle other urgent matters that arise – which somehow, always do.

In your professional life and in your personal life, set a standard of excellence for yourself. Take the time to reflect and write down your values and habits. Then focus on refining your habits and prioritizing the values that matter most to you.

Technical Expertise and Knowledge
Stars are on top of the latest developments in their fields and readily share their expertise and knowledge with peers. Make sure that you are too: join professional associations, attend conferences, or subscribe to publications in your field.

Another way to enhance your star quality: be known for a special skill. Whether it applies to your job description or not, become the go-to person who can provide a unique and distinctive kind of assistance or advice. Don’t have one already? Start learning now: it can never hurt to broaden your skill set and adopt the frame of mind of a lifelong learner.

Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
Stars interact with anyone and everyone respectfully, and are great role models to others in their professional environment.

Achieving this quality is as simple as having a great attitude. If you approach a relationship, a difficult task, a meeting, or truly any situation with a positive attitude, your chances of success will be a lot higher. A great attitude is infectious: others will appreciate and benefit from a positive atmosphere as well!

Always speak respectfully about your company and colleagues. No matter where you are, even if you are in a non-work environment, bashing your company can come back to bite you. Not to mention, others around you will perceive you as disrespectful.

As you build star qualities, you too can shine in your professional life. While it takes time, work, diligence, and responsibility to become a corporate star, only a small lapse of judgment can damage your reputation. That’s why one of our favourite quotes at Corporate Class Inc. comes from Benjamin Franklin: “Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended.” His words speak to a notion that still holds true: reputation is undeniably the most fragile of all of your traits. Once you build a great reputation with memorable star qualities, work hard to keep it that way – reputation follows you wherever you go!

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