“How do I look?” – The Value of a Second Opinion

When we go shopping, many of us bring along a friend or two to weigh in on our fashion choices, to provide a second look at a flattering (or not) pair of pants, or simply to say “yes” or “no” when we try on an outfit. Like a friend tagging along on a shopping trip, an image consultant similarly can offer a second opinion on fashion choices – but this professional opinion can give you so much more, including an edge in the workplace.

An image consultant not only can tell you whether your outfit looks good, but also if it is appropriate for your corporate culture and whether it is the best choice for your body. An image consultant can also help you determine which professional clothes fit your personal style and your budget. Most importantly, an image consultant can help you dress for success. At Corporate Class Inc., we offer unique Personal Image Enhancement services for both women and men that cater to the individual’s needs alone. How can you benefit from image consulting?

Dressing for Success in the Right Context
Professional image consulting does not mean selecting only formal business suits. We can help you determine the best outfit choices based on the corporate culture of your office: whether you work in a business casual or business formal environment, subtle details in your dress can set you apart – for better or for worse.

In addition to your office culture, we’ll help you to accommodate all the needs of your professional schedule year-round, from the high-pressure presentations and board meetings to casual Fridays and staff picnics.

Flatter Your Body
It’s not what you wear but how you wear it: this is never truer than in a professional setting. A presenter in a well-fitted suit can capture you with the force of his or her words, but someone onstage swimming in a baggy suit or squeezed into something too tight can be distracting from the content of their presentation.

Not only can we help you choose a wardrobe that fits your personal body type, but also give you the tools to know what types of cut and fabric to buy in the future, and to determine if and what kind of alterations a suit or outfit may need.

Colour, texture, print, and weight of a fabric all come in to play here too: each of these elements works with the individual’s body and skin tone, as well as in the context of place and season. We will show you what works together, what doesn’t, and namely, what works for you.

The Full Package: Not Just Clothes
Dressing for success isn’t just about wearing a good outfit. It’s about constructing an entire, unified image that makes you feel confident and look poised. For women, this includes hair grooming and style, hair colour, and makeup. Again, we help you find the right colours and types of makeup for you, then ensure that you can properly apply it on your own.

For men and women, we help you determine the habits of proper grooming, choosing flattering eyewear, and matching with appropriate accessories – all of which contribute to the overall success of your look.

All about YOU
Do not assume that image consulting will limit you to a single set of grey or black suits and will stifle your self-expression. Our unique approach to image enhancement works in conjunction with your personal style, so that your own fashion sense and style choices will be reflected in your professional attire.

Not only do we consider your style, but also what fits into your budget. In setting you up for success, we do so in a sustainable way that will help you make fashion choices that align with your financial ones, too.

Developing your professional image will give you confidence in the workplace and will allow you to present your best self to clients, partners, and colleagues. Our approach to image consulting will give you a foundational wardrobe, as well as the tools to make choices and determine the best look for you in the future. Are you ready to step up your image in the workplace?

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