Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors on Social Media

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Keeping your company active on social media is an indispensible way to share your brand and message, as well as to engage and make connections with interested stakeholders. Many companies nowadays participate on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and more.

But how can you take this brand representation even further? One idea: engage your employees to act as brand ambassadors on social media. Employees can help to expand the reach of your company’s message by sharing it with their own networks. Additionally, by participating in the corporate account, other users will see how engaged the staff members are with the organization.

This concept is gaining momentum in companies of all sizes; it was promoted as a “Big Idea 2013” on a LinkedIn blog earlier this year. But employees will need help and guidance to use social media for brand messaging, not just using it as a tool for personal social networking. Here are a few tips to help your staff get started on a few platforms.


  • Even if employees are already on Twitter, they may consider making a new account specifically for sharing company messages; for example, if someone’s user name is “@Sarah,” they could create an additional user such as “@Sarah_CompanyName.” This way staff can feel free to tweet about topics that do not necessarily align with the organization’s brand using their personal account, while still maintaining an active stream that represents the company messages.
  • If some staff members have never used Twitter before, share an article or two that instruct on the basic guidelines and functions of Twitter, such as this Twitter 101 article from the Twitter Help Centre.
  • Encourage new Twitter users to retweet the messages from the corporate account until they are ready to start writing their own tweets.


  • Already a professional context, employees won’t need to start a new LinkedIn account that is separate from a personal account. Still, they can become more active in your organization’s promotion by participating in the company LinkedIn group.
  • Start a new discussion topic on the LinkedIn group, and encourage employees to participate and invite others who may not be part of the staff. This way, more users will be brought into discussion on content related to your company, and may be inspired to share what they’ve learned even further.


  • If you have a corporate Facebook page, encourage employees to “Like” the page if they have not done so already.
  • After they have “Liked” the Facebook page, then ask them to take an additional step by “Liking” the posts, status updates, and photos on the company page. Even just adding a few extra “Likes” to each post will give the posts priority on the timelines of other users, thereby increasing the Facebook presence of your company page.
  • Finally, if employees are very enthusiastic about participating on Facebook, recommend that they post their own discussions on the company page, add comments to other posts, and share the company posts on their own timelines. All of these actions will significantly expand the reach of the corporate Facebook presence.

The equation is simple: the more staff members that engage with your company on social media, the greater influence and reach your company’s online presence will have. The key is to ensure that staff members represent your brand well, and that both the corporate accounts and employees practice good social media etiquette!

It’s important to leverage social media, but it’s even more important to do it right! Contact Diane for social media etiquette training for your organization today.


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