Top 3 Ways to Grow as a Professional

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Whether or not you aim for a promotion or advancement in your company, it is still important to work toward advancing yourself as a professional – grow within you existing role – by improving your skills, knowledge, look and attitude. There are many ways to learn, grow and develop on your own time and with your own individual objectives. And, if you set these goals for yourself and take time to achieve them, don’t rule out advancement within your company as well: when you better yourself as a professional, others in your workplace will take note.

Keep Learning New Things

  • One sure way to learn new things: attend Lunch and Learn sessions. No matter what your field, or whether the topic relates directly to your work, learning from other professionals can open new doors to you. At Lunch and Learn sessions, leaders share knowledge based on their experience and expertise. The more sessions you attend, the more perspectives you can learn from.
  • Aim to learn new things outside of your realm of work – for example, even if you do not hold a management-level position, going to a presentation or reading about different management styles can enable you to better understand workplace structures, help you create self-management guidelines, and even benefit you in the future when you may advance to a managerial position.

Stay Active In Your Field

  • Be proactive about making connections, expanding your influence and simply staying involved in your field. One means to achieve this is by regularly attending conferences, seminars and meet-ups, which will enable you to connect with colleagues and experts and also to keep on top of the latest developments in your area of work.
  • Another way to stay on top of new developments and the latest achievements in your area of work: subscribe and read publications, articles or studies related to your field. An example relating to our work is the recent publication of the Executive Presence study by the Center for Talent Innovation, a notable achievement in the field of workplace excellence, as it establishes an authoritative definition and analysis of Executive Presence.

Refine Your Business Look

  • Don’t assume that your image – especially your professional image – is a superficial matter. On the contrary, improving your professional look can boost your confidence in the workplace. In addition, once you have spent time establishing a basic look that works for you, it can have the effect of freeing your concerns and allowing you to focus more on your work and other tasks.
  • One way to improve your professional dress, as well as hairstyle, makeup, eyewear and accessories, is to engage in individual image consulting. Our Personal Image Enhancement for both women and men is an excellent choice for anyone, as the program is tailored to fit your personality and style, profession, body type and budget.
  • Researching and reading articles by credited consultants and stylists can also help build your business style. Start with a few articles from our blog, which cover a range of professional image topics, including shoes, accessories, hair and makeup and attire.


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