Can Lunch and Learn Sessions Help Reduce Employee Stress?

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Did you know that according to Statistics Canada, “the annual cost to Canadian companies due to stress-related disorders is $12 billion?”

If you’re a Canadian corporation there are many things you can do to help alleviate employee stress on the job.

According to an article published in US News, a lunch and learn session for your people might be just the thing your company needs to reduce stress levels in the workplace:

Everyone tackles stress differently, says Brandan DuChateau, executive director for the National Wellness Institute.

Companies that allocate time and space for their employees to discuss conflicts and concerns in a group setting foster a psychologically sound workforce, DuChateau says.

“We actually see an enormous growth in the number of businesses recognizing that the health and well being of their employees is essential to the productivity of their company,” she says.

As a result, many companies are now hosting in-house stress-reduction seminars and workshops, because “they recognize that a stressed person is going to be a less-productive person,” DuChateau explains.

DuChateau also encourages employees to initiate lunch-and-learn sessions about ways to positively reduce job stress.

I’ve often discovered in my own experience that often lack of knowledge or self-confidence is a major stress inducer. For example, an employee wants to get a promotion but just doesn’t exhibit the executive presence they need to get noticed. Or, a younger employee wants to be taken more seriously but lacks the business etiquette skills.

A lunch and learn training session for your employees can be a major stress buster and can help elevate their confidence levels to new heights. You benefit by gaining employee fidelity and breeding a new set of leaders.

See a 3-minute video on how Corporate Class’s lunch and learn sessions can increase job satisfaction levels and bring out the best performance in your people.

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